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Strategic cooperation reached between Meitu and Dior to jointly launch a Dior AI skin analysis function

Dior AI brings MTlab's image processing and AI skin analysis technology to Dior's customers, combined with Dior's expertise in neuroscience, dermatology and artificial intelligence. It can precisely locate small blemishes and analyze their causes, providing personalized product recommendations to customers.
Repost from: Sina
Continuously pursuing excellence and following Christian Dior's axiom of "I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful", Dior skincare has always been committed to presenting Chinese women with high-quality multi-effect skin care solutions that meet the comfort and beauty expectations of their customers. Dior recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Meitu and jointly developed Dior AI skin analyzer features to provide personalized skin care solutions to their customers.
With Dior's professional research in neuroscience, dermatology and AI, combined with Meitu's image-processing technology and AI skin analysis technology based on Meitu Imaging & Vision Lab (MT Lab), Dior AI can now precisely locate small facial blemishes from images and analyze the causes to provide personalized product recommendations. The Meitu App's professional user experience has allowed Dior AI to create a practical and fun experience, helping women understand their skin issues and find skincare solutions, whenever and wherever.
Dior AI analyzes the customer's skin condition based on 6 dimensions, including Radiance, Smoothness, Plumpness, Refinement, Firmness, and Eye Smoothness, selecting 2 major skin issues and offering corresponding solutions for participants through deep learning for image processing and machine learning for AI detection. In addition, users can obtain an exclusive Dior skin report that they can share on social media. Dior and Meitu also create an exclusive skin analysis diary for each user, so they can privately view their historical reports and evaluate the effects of their skincare regimen by logging in with their ID. Users can find the Dior AI experience on the Meitu App's homepage by tapping on the Dior AI portal.
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