meitu eve model EveLab Insight is a beauty business SaaS solution provider
EveLab Insight provides a revolutionary experience for beauty and skin care consultations with industry-leading technology and artificial intelligence skin analysis algorithms.

We provide highly customized solutions to beauty brands, salons, and more.

Customized Metrics

We provide customizable detection dimensions that meet brand's needs.

Changeble Exterior

Customizable hardware kits, such as customizable logo branding and lights in different colors.

User Interface

Tailored UI/UX design according to your brand's style.

Flexible & Compatible

Internal systems and websites that support embedding your brand.
Eve Research & Innovation Center
Industry-leading skin analysis and facial image processing algorithms have received numerous patents and global prizes.
2018 ISIC
First Place - Skin Lesion Segmentation Task
2016 FDDB
Top 1 Facial Recognition Algorithm Accuracy
First Place - Perceptual Image Enhancement
2019 NTIRE
First Place - Image Enhancement Track
2019 NTIRE
Third place - Image Dehazing Challenge

Global Market Authorized Certification

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