meitu eve model EveLab Insight is a beauty business SaaS solution provider
Wondering how we can support you online and offline?
During the pandemic, many businesses have been transitioning to online services, a difficult transition for many. EveLab Insight can help! EveLab Insight's Skin Analysis Service and Virtual Try-On can both be imbedded in your app, on your website, or on any third-party platform.
Finding the best solution for your beauty business.
Best-in-class skin analysis solutions for increased revenue and real customer insights.
Eve M - suitable for brand stores, large chain beauty salons, medical beauty clinics, and other offline stores.
Eve Smart Online AI Skin Analysis System - mostly used for Mini-Programs, e-commerce platforms, and other online platforms. It can also be used as a marketing tool for small beauty salons and brand counters.
Beauty Brand
Beauty Salon
Medical Beauty Clinic
Beauty Chain Store
Virtual styling empowers marketing
Easy-to-use makeup trials further optimizes user experience
Efficient hair color trials help increase conversion rates and sales
Virtual services reduce product waste and personnel cost
Hair Dye
Contact Lenses
Online and offline solutions for various business scenarios
Easily detect skin condition, recommend smart products, and enrich each customer's shopping experience
Virtual color trial service improves purchase conversion rates and customer unit costs
AI services reduce product loss and labor service costs
H5 Page
Mini Program
Online Store
Data management system for real business insights
Conduct integrated skin analysis, send regular reminders to customers, track marketing trends, and improve return rates.
Integrating the management of data offers efficient data recycling and insight into market trends.
Seamless digital solutions customized for your brand
We provide customizable detection dimensions that meet brand's needs.
Customizable hardware kits, such as customizable logo branding and lights in different colors.
Tailored UI/UX design according to your brand's style.
Internal systems and websites that support embedding your brand.
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