meitu eve model EveLab Insight is a beauty business SaaS solution provider
EveLab Insight Releases Preliminary Findings of Skin Aging with AI-Driven Research
EveLab Insight has released preliminary findings from a collaborative study under the joint laboratory for Skin Analysis & Digital Standardization (Lab-SADS).
EveLab Insights Develops Glossiness Detection for AI Skin Analysis
EveLab Insight has announced the release of glossiness detection for its AI skin analysis application. The system analyzes three key dimensions of glossiness: oiliness condition, skin texture and evenness of skin tone.
EveLab Insight Advances Understanding of Skin Aging With AI-Driven Research
EveLab Insight, a leader in AI skin analysis, announces the preliminary findings from a collaborative study under the Joint Laboratory for Skin Analysis & Digital Standardization (Lab-SADS). The study of 431,321 participants, the most extensive of its kind to date, utilized the skin analysis platform Eve M to identify key inflection points of wrinkle development and severity.
EveLab Insight's Panoramic AI Skin Analysis System Releases New Product Features
New features have been launched to effectively support cross-selling and tap into skincare consumer demand, allowing customers to recognize your brand as a trusted name.
EveLab Insight achieves ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 Certification for Demonstrated Commitment to Information Security and Privacy
Dec 26,2022
EveLab Insight successfully achieved the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certification.
MeituEve reaches strategic cooperation with Shiseido's EFFECTIM, empowering the skin care industry with AI technology.
Jan 20,2021
Meitu has announced that MeituEve recently confirmed a cooperation agreement with Shiseido's new brand EFFECTIM. EFFECTIM will be releasing a 3D Skin Diagnosis service based on MeituEve's self-developed facial recognition and MT segmentation technologies as part of EFFECTIM's AWASE Solutions.
Strategic cooperation reached between Meitu and Dior to jointly launch a Dior AI skin analysis function
May 5,2020
Dior AI brings MTlab's image processing and AI skin analysis technology to Dior's customers, combined with Dior's expertise in neuroscience, dermatology and artificial intelligence. It can precisely locate small blemishes and analyze their causes, providing personalized product recommendations to customers.
MeituGenius and DFS's first online collaboration: Virtual makeup trial technology improves sales conversions
Oct 10,2021
Recently, Meitu announced that its virtual makeup trial product MeituGenius has reached a cooperation agreement with the international luxury travel retailer DFS Group for the third time to improve the shopping experience for consumers on the official DFS Macau Mall WeChat Mini-Program.
MeituGenius cooperates with Givenchy again, helping the brand's brick-and-mortar stores reduce costs and improve efficiency
Apr 28,2021
The cooperation between MeituGenius Online and the internationally-renowned brand Givenchy represents the first time a brand will use the offline-to-online lightweight makeup trial method. The contactless virtual makeup trial meets the needs for a "zero contact" store experience in the post-pandemic era, while also eliminating the loss of makeup trial products and makeup removal steps, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for stores.
MeituGenius teams up with Watsons to help upgrade their one-stop virtual makeup shopping experience
Apr 27,2021
MeituGenius, Meitu's virtual makeup trial product, once again reached a partnership agreement with international retailer Watsons. Watsons has committed to integrating the MeituGenius SDK in order to offer virtual trials of makeup products as a shopping service in Watsons brick-and-mortar stores in mainland China.
Angelux, an Industry-leading beauty in Japan, has officially selected Meitu Eve as business partner
May 10,2021
On March 20th, Meitu Eve officially debuted in Japanese beauty salon. Angelux, a beauty salon that leads the skincare industry in Japan, has officially adopted Meitu as its new store partner. Before the opening, many media who visited and tried Meitu's skin analysis, have been surprised and delighted by its three-dimensional facial restoration technology and deep skin analysis.
MEITUGENIUS is offered in MAKE UP FOREVER and Sephora retail stores
Jun 12,2018
Internationally renowned brands MAKE UP FOR EVER and Sephora cooperate with MEITUGENIUS and rely extensively on Meitu's black technology to offer real-time virtual makeup trials that accurately display makeup and color textures on the user's face.
MeituEve launches its online and offline scenario-based solutions
Sep 4,2020
With the release of its skin analysis solution in the WeChat ecosystem, MeituEve has completed its online and offline scenario-based product launches. Now, MeituEve can serve both offline and online users with its devices and through its services on WeChat, enabling its beauty industry clients to build connections with consumers easily and improve their efficiency in acquiring new users, as well as increasing conversion rates by a large margin.
MeituEve: the world's first panoramic tri-camera HD skin analyzer
Sep 5,2019
Meitu officially released its self-developed panoramic skin detection device, MeituEve at the Beauty Expo in Guangzhou on September 5, 2019. As the world’s first device of its kind to employ three HD cameras, MeituEve covers 98% of the human face in a single shot.
MeituEve: comprehensive data solutions for retailers
Jun 12,2018
Skin analyzers are not new to the beauty industry and a range of products that include personal hand-held devices and large-scale commercial units are readily available. A growing number of businesses have recognized the value in offering professional grade skincare devices, but the quality of these products varies significantly.
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