meitu eve model EveLab Insight is a beauty business SaaS solution provider
AR Imaging Technology
The technology was developed by Eve Research & Innovation Center (ERIC), to help solve the limitations brought on by applying makeup trial technology to different technical platforms in online/offline scenarios through different terminals.
Stable makeup effects under different lighting conditions.
Realistic Effects
Natural color restoration with authentic textures
Multiple Effects
Numerous exclusive styles and textures
Perfect Fit
Supports partial and dynamic makeup effects that fit perfectly.
Single Item Trial
The facial recognition technology developed by EveLab Insight can perform one facial detection in an impressive 2.7 milliseconds. By precisely locating 118 facial points, it's able to support single item trials, including lipstick and blush, under various lighting conditions and various dynamic user emotions. In addition, this exclusive AR technology allows for layering and mixing textures, shading, and other effects in order to replicate the actual visual effect of makeup, and supports both thick and thin application of virtual makeup.
Themed-Makeup Looks
Provides a variety of themed-makeup customization services.
The EveLab Insight makeup effects team can design natural themed-makeup looks, including foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick based on each merchant's requirements.
New Year
Customized makeup effects with various styles and textures
Supports customizing AR makeup effects, including lip gloss, eyeshadow, blush, and more, with styles such as glossy, satin, and metal. Also allows customers to try on makeup by themselves without having to make physical contact with the products, which reduces the waste rate and improves BA efficiency. Customers can find the most suitable products more easily, whic improves sales.
Intelligently recommend makeup based on facial analysis
EveLab Insight offers analysis of facial features and skin tone to precisely analyze facial attributes and recommend makeup products and looks to customers, significantly improving the customer's shopping experience and your store's sales.
Cloud Management: Insights into market trends
Product Management & Data Center
Our product management system supports Smart Go Live and the ability to edit product and makeup information; our data center allows you to view the frequency, duration, and preferences of customers who use the trial service.

Application Scenarios

A multi-scenario solution fully covers sales channels
Skin analysis solutions for a large variety of scenarios. We reveal the skin care needs of your customers with in-depth customer profiles to help you increase conversions and repeat purchases.

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